Healing Process

Microblading is a process where skin is sliced open so one must expect the healing process to be similar to when you get a paper cut on your finger. The day of the treatment you may appear a little red around the eyebrows due to my pulling on the skin during the process, this will fade within a few hours if not immediately. The brows will also appear darker as there is pigment sitting on the skin as well as in the tiny cuts. (You will have Cavilon cream put on your brows before you leave so that the cuts will be protected from outside elements and germs for the next few days—this acts like a band-aid.)

The Second Day

The second day the brows will appear very dark since the pigment has not been rinsed (as NO water should have touched them yet!!). This is usually the “worst” day for clients. You may think, “Oh my gosh what have I done?” Relax. I promise it will fade out soon and NOT be that dark. Then, some people begin to get tiny flakes or scabbing, may appear to be dandruff in the brows. This is important time to be even extra gentle and to not wipe aggressively. You could pull out pigment!

Weeks 1 & 2

Between week 1 and 2 your brows will disappear. Don’t panic! Your top layer of skin was exfoliating away and another layer is coming up. They will reappear, lighter and less noticeable than before.

The Rest of the Month

The rest of the required month, you will notice some patchy parts and some area that may need to be rebladed. We will get all of that in the touch up! This is why the touch-up is SUPER important. This is when more depth can be added as well as extra strokes replaced or filled in.

Client Testimonials

Julie is amazing! I was stoked to find out about her! I've always wanted my brows microbladed and she has been a God send! I absolutely love them! They look so natural and full. I cannot wait to get my touch up done in a few weeks. — Jesstine G.

Julie is amazing and so talented!!! I absolutely love my brows. Julie explained the process and made me feel totally comfortable. I couldn’t be happier.

Karen E.

Had chemo and never had full brows again…until now! Julie did an amazing job covering even my old faded tattoo of an eyebrow. No more pencils or powders WHOO HOO!!

Mary Z.

Julie exceeded my expectations. She’s very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Such a sweet person as well! I can’t wait for my touch up in 4-6 weeks!

Amanda L.